We provide warehousing and transport of pet food, both conventional and organic.

Two storage areas are set aside for this product: 2000 sq. m. of racked warehouse space for storage of packaged pet food and an additional 500 sq. m. of racked space for storage of organic inventory.

We made the specific choice to offer pet food transportation services because now more than ever animals are considered part of the family, including ours.

Today we put out the professionalism and skills accrued over the years to handle the food of our cherished pets with the same attention and level of control we give to the food we bring to our tables.



Your needs drive our desire to grow and expand our capabilities.

Thanks to our collaboration with customers already working in the field, we decided to jump into the pet food industry, building our expertise over the years and achieving registration as an EC 183/2005-compliant establishment for feed warehousing and transport, creating as many as 2000 pallet spots for pet food storage.

\\We work respecting the environment\\

Bureau Veritas

A primary goal at LFF is to keep customers satisfied so we continually strive to optimise and improve our company’s production processes. The company was first certified to ISO 9001 in 1998 and in 2008 to ISO 14001:2004, following implementation of an Environmental Management system.

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