We are proud providers of precise and timely transportation, logistics and warehousing services, delivering high and consistent quality end-to-end, whatever the nature of the goods. Be them general goods, food for human or animal consumption, or dangerous goods, we ensure on-time, reliable and safe service from the moment the goods are entrusted to us to the moment we deliver them.

1 / Shipping

Being on time for pick-ups and delivery is just as important to us as it is to you.

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2 / Logistics

We offer full and efficient logistics service, taking care of your shipments and keeping them controlled and monitored from pick-up to final destination.

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3 / Warehouse

Our 13,000 square metres of warehouse space, 8,000 of which comply with the requirements of the Seveso Directive (Italian Legislative Decree 105/2015), are monitored 24/7 with accurate security and surveillance systems.

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